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President's Report

 Dear Fellow BOMA Columbus Members:

With March approaching, I would like to thank all of our members for renewing their memberships and continuing to participate to make BOMA Columbus a success. Your service, dedication, vision, and financial support is much appreciated.   As we continue to grow, we look forward to new ideas and feedback to fuel our growth. For those members not presently serving on a committee, please consider joining one to share your ideas.

The BOMA International National Issues Conference was held in Washington, D. C. from January 31st through February 3rd, 2016. Along with Karen Knies and Tisha Weisenstein, I attended the conference and found the conference to be very informative. It was interesting to meet people from other local chapters and find out how their chapters operate. Do you know that some chapter’s main goal is to push for legislative issues affecting commercial real estate in their area and they do not have any social functions? Speaking of legislative advocacy, the primary focus of the conference was for each local chapter to meet with their legislators about issues important to all BOMA members as these issues relate to the commercial real estate industry. The issues brought to the legislators were 1) fire sprinkler tax incentives which would allow building owners who installed fire sprinkler systems in their buildings to depreciate this improvement over 15 years instead of the current period of 39 years, 2) ADA notice and compliance which protects the commercial real estate industry from “drive by” lawsuits by imposing notice and would allow building owners time to comply in order to correct the violation prior to the commencement of a private civil action under the American with Disabilities Act, and 3) energy efficiency tax incentives for energy efficient upgrades such as increasing the amount of the maximum deduction from $1.80 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot for whole building efficiency improvements and from $.60 per square foot to $1.00 per square foot for any single system upgrade. The day before the congressional visits, there was a meeting on how to take our message about these legislative issues to Capitol Hill. During this meeting, there was three legislative staff members who worked for three different representatives that gave guidance on how to relay your message to your legislator. The take away from this meeting was to understand the material you are presenting, know your audience such as what issues are important to the legislator, and have a clear “ask”. The whole experience was fascinating and motivated me to make sure my calendar is clear so that I can participate in our local Advocacy Day on April 13, 2016.

At our February luncheon, BOMA Columbus was honored to have Henry Chamberlain, President and Chief Operating Officer of BOMA International as our guest speaker. Henry gave us an overview of the current conditions in the commercial real industry. Based on the “Pulse of the Industry” survey sent out to local chapters (BOMA Association Executives and Board Presidents), vacancy rates are improving but at a slower pace than in prior years, the market continues to improve but may not be as robust as last year, and new hiring is slowing. The major concern facing BOMA members is finding a qualified workforce to do the work in an industry that continues to see the pace of business and the workload of employees increase. Safety, security, and emergency preparedness concerns are growing with crime and terrorists acts in the U.S. and abroad. Henry reminded us to make sure that we utilize the resources available to us on the BOMA International website for emergency preparedness, best practices, research publications, BOMA guide books etc. Additionally, Henry mentioned how important it is to enter your building information into the Office EER or the Industrial EER (now in its second year) as the EER is the commercial real estate industry’s most comprehensive and accurate benchmarking information possible for the office and industrial sectors. By entering your building data, one can gain valuable information to position your property for success in the local market. Henry Chamberlain was such an engaging and knowledgeable speaker that I believe all who attended the luncheon were able to benefit from the information presented.

In closing, we have so many exciting events planned for this year. The bowling event in February was a great success.

We have a dynamic organization with great networking and friendships. I hope to see everybody at these events.

Best Regards,

Amie Washburn

Senior Property Manager

The Pizzuti Companies



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Community Service

On Friday, Feb. 5th BOMA members and friends came out for a fun afternoon of bowling at Ten Pin Alley.  The event raised $1,000 in cash donation to Flying Horse Farm and a substantial amount of cleaning products for the facility.  Below is part of a thank you note Don Wiggins sent to Maureen Hayes to share with BOMA members....


You certainly know how to rally the troops, Friday’s event was amazing!   We unloaded and inventoried all the goodies…….drum roll……over $2,000.00!.  David said that it will cover all of our Windex and Clorox needs for the year,  the paper towels will be close.  Thank you Thank you Thank you! 

Thanks again for all you do for our campers. Take care,


Well done BOMA Members!
Donations Exceed Expectations! 


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Calendar of Events

The home page of the website lists events that are coming up in the next 4 to 6 week period.  But for a complete list head to the Calendar section of the web site.  This section has a complete calendar for the year and events are added as they get scheduled so check back often.

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March Madness is Friday, March 18th from noon to 5 p.m.  It's just around the corner with all the fun and prizes you have come to expect.  This year we will have a membership drive and will give away a BOMA Membership for one new lucky property manager!  More details can be found on the home page under Meetings.  Registration is not required and guests and friends are welcome!

The Vendor Expo at the Hollywood Casino is April 20th from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.  We'll have over 50 BOMA members set up with the best of their services and products on display.  This is the event to come out and support BOMA as well as being able to meet in a relaxed environment with a new company.  No pressure just walk the floor and meet with new companies and see your current providers.  Property Managers this is the best way to check out the other half of the BOMA Membership!  Hundreds of dollars in prizes will be given away and as always complimentary appetizers and cash bar.  Please register-it is FREE!  And please feel free to bring guests, building techs, other commercial real estate firms and vendors invite your customers!  Everyone is welcome!   

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BOMA Ohio and BOMA Columbus are partners with CareWorks and under that arrangement we agreee to provide all our members with important information on Safety and OSHA updates. Please view the Download section of the web site for documents on the items below.

Upcoming Events:

  • Ohio Safety Congress & Expo: The BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene will host the 2016 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo from March 9 ~ 11. The event will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. There are many workshops and classes offered during the Safety Congress which will fulfill specific BWC discount program requirements for the 2015 or 2016 rate year such as: Industry-Specific Safety Program, One Claim Program, 100 Percent EM Cap Program, and Group Rating/Group Retro Programs. To find out more information, please visit the BWC website at www.bwc.ohio.govand click the link on the homepage. Please look for the CareWorksComp booth, #811 and RiskControl360° at booth #118. If you plan to go, please stop by and say hello!


  • CareWorksComp Seminars: Our annual workers’ comp & safety seminar series is quickly approaching. Attendance will fulfill the 2-Hour Group Safety Training Requirement* for the 2015 policy year (more on that following). I’ve attached the registration form for you to share with your members and encourage them to attend.


Reminders and Updates:

  • Safety Training Requirement*: do you get questions from your members about who needs to complete the 2-Hour Group Safety Training Requirement? Ask them the following questions, and if they can answer yes to both then it is a BWC requirement to complete two hours of designated group safety training:
  •   Is your company participating in a group program for the 2015 policy year (Group rating or group retrospective rating)?
  • Did you have any claims occur between 1/1/14 and 9/30/14?
  • News from RiskControl360°: OSHA announced that there is a new budget deal to significantly increase fines for the first time in 25 years, to go into effect this summer. Because of the ramifications of these changes, I’ve attached a comprehensive article from RiskControl360° outlining the magnitude and scope of the changes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I will put you in touch with one of our safety consultants for further guidance.
  • Unemployment costs for Ohio employers increased for 2016:

-       Maximum claim costs increased from $14,872 to $15,262.  This is the potential amount an employer can be charged for one unemployment claim.   

-       Maximum unemployment tax rates increased from 8.6% to 8.7%.  The minimum tax rate remains 0.3%.  Employers continue to pay unemployment taxes on the first $9,000 of each employee’s payroll unless they are exempt from this requirement.

CareWorksComp offers multiple services to help employers control this business expense.  For more information about the services contact  Unemployment Manager Kammy Staton at 614-526-7165 or For other information on the BOMA Ohio BOMA Columbus Partnership please contact Shane Castle, Account Executive/Program Manager, CareWorksComp  Main: 614-917-8641



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BOMA’s 2016 Office EER and Industrial EER Surveys are now open. Through the Office EER survey BOMA collects office building income and expense data and analyzes both local markets and national markets to assess the overall financial performance of office buildings. If you manage an office building, corporate facility or medical office building, please be sure to complete the Office EER survey this year.

If you manage an industrial property, such as a warehouse, a manufacturing building, an e-commerce building, a data center, or a call center, please submit data to the Industrial EER. The Industrial EER is in its second year and we’re excited to increase the number of properties in our database.

There are many benefits to submitting data—including free reports to you, as well as discounts on EER products and for us and BOMA International, because EER analyses are used to help inform our work on local, state and federal regulations. Please take the EER flier on your table with you—it contains the relevant information you need to participate in this year’s survey.

Reminder: If you are thinking about applying for the BOMA 360 designation participation in the Office ERR is a requirement. For more information go to

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Legislative News and Updates

Big news! BOMA Ohio was awarded a GOVIE (Government Affairs Awards of Recognition) at the BOMA International Winter Business Meeting. BOMA Ohio and it's members BOMA Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus were praised for their efforts to save the Historic Preservation Tax Credit.  BOMA Ohio was one of 4 entrants for the Single Issue Award that we won – and it was very stiff competition.  This is the second Govie in recent years for BOMA Ohio members! Congratulations to everyone!

Our local legislative efforts do pay off and are noticed by BOMA International.  The pay-off is usually in some legislation that can affect all of us who work in commercial real estate.  It is important to realize grass root efforts can work and all of your voices are important.  Our annual Advocacy Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 13th at the Statehouse.   We are always interested in having BOMA Members join us for our visits to our local legislators.  If you are interested in attending please contact Karen at the BOMA Office or sign up on the website.


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Career Opportunites


BOMA Columbus accepts your career listings and those of non-members who are looking to BOMA Members as a source of qualified employees.  We currently have two opening advertised in our Classified section of the web site.  One is for an Assistant Property Manager with Colliers International and the second for a Manager of Facilities and Maintenance with the Columbus Airport Authority.  Both of these jobs can be viewed by logging in to the Member Area of the website and then clicking the Classified tab.  Job opportunities are only viewable by BOMA Members as a membership perk for you. 

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Did You Know?

Did  you know as a member of BOMA Columbus you are entitled to member benefits under BOMA International?  Through BOMA International you can receive discounts on educational books, conference registrations and many different companies such as Home Depot, Office Max, Lenovo, UPS, Hertz and Reis Reports.  To learn more about these programs visit the BOMA International web site at:




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