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In today's economy everyone needs a competitive edge. You cannot succeed using business-as-usual techniques. Increased contacts, direct access to decision makers, networking opportunities, continuing education, professional designation programs, research and legislative and regulatory advocacy are just a few of the many benefits gained through membership in the organization that has earned the reputation as the "cornerstone of the commercial real estate industry."

Since 1907, BOMA has consistently delivered on its commitment to improve the business climate for the entire commercial real estate industry. BOMA's proactive approach to shaping issues at the local, state, provincial and national levels has greatly benefited the economic vitality and long-term fiscal health of the commercial real estate industry. BOMA's continuing commitment to provide the best professional education available on management issues has increased the efficiency and profitability of building operations.

BOMA's premier network of over 17,000 commercial real estate professionals is comprised of the leading building owners, managers, developers, asset managers, corporate facility managers, leasing professionals, medical office building managers and the providers of the products and services needed to operate commercial properties.

BOMA Columbus is the most influential professional organization representing the commercial real estate industry. Our organization gives you the resources to ensure professional development.

Click Here for an example of the ROI for your BOMA Membership, and here to see how BOMA has been supporting it's members through the COVID-19 crisis.

For questions on membership please send an email to


BOMA Columbus keeps its membership ratio at 51% property managers to 49% associate or vendor members.  If you are a Vendor and would like to be placed on the wait list please email BOMA Columbus to request an application.  The date your application is received is the date we will use as your order on the wait list. Please email the BOMA office for more information.

Please note BOMA recognizes one member per company.  If more than one person from a company would like to attend and participate in BOMA Columbus then an additional membership is required. This pertains to any membership category.    

To apply and join as a Building Owner the owner's business must be in managing and or owning commercial real estate.  Those that are owner occupants of a building are only considered if that is their only business.  For example a landscape company that owns their building and operates their landscape business out of that building would be considered for Vendor membership and not as an owner membership.  Their primary business is landscaping not building ownership.  


BOMA-Columbus Annual Dues Schedule

F1 Principal: (Property Managers/ Owners) $850
F3 Associate: (1st membership for a Vendor or Associate Member) $1000
Emerging Professional Category (2 year maximum) $425
ANR Additional Associate: (Membership for 2nd or 3rd Member of Vendor Co.) $825
PROF Professional: (ie:engineer, architect, code, financial, attorney) $955
TECH Technical (Chief Engineer or building maintenance staff member) $500
ADM Administrative (Administrative staff member) $500