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Legislative Update BOMA International National Issues Conference

BOMA Winter Business Meeting Legislative Report

On January 31st, Shonna Moore, Kevin Bruns and Karen Knies visited our legislators on Capitol Hill. We had appointments with Steve Stiver’s and Joyce Beatty’s aides. We were pleased to hear that Stiver’s office was very familiar with the ADA issues and were taking an active role in legislation on this issue. Beatty’s staff was not that familiar with it from our position so it was an opportunity to explain why it is beneficial not only property owners but the disabled too. Our goal is to not to escape ADA compliance but have the opportunity to comply without costly legal suits.

Every other year BOMA International based in DC hosts this National Issue Conference and invites all 92 BOMA locals to convene on the Capitol. Strength in numbers is the idea. This year there were three key issues to address. They are:

Energy Star:

BOMA’s position: A strong supporter of the Energy Star program as one that demonstrates how the private sector can leverage the EPA’s tools to increase energy efficiency and reduce building operating costs. Energy Star fosters high performance in U. S. Buildings, helps create jobs in the energy efficiency field, improves the nation’s energy security and saves money for families and businesses.

BOMA’s Ask: We urge Congress to maintain the program’s funding at its historic levels in future budgets. Additionally, we believe that ENEGY STAR should continue to be administered by the EPA and not moved to another agency.

ADA Notice and Compliance:

BOMA’s position: BOMA believes that people with disabilities should have the same access to our members’ properties as everyone else, and the obligation to ensure that buildings are fully compliant with ADA regulations is one we take seriously. To help our members with compliance issues we authored the ADA Compliance Guidebook. We believe that there should be safeguards built into the law to protect property owners form legal threat that do no allow them to first identify the ASA violation and then have a chance to remedy the problem before a financial settlement. This will ensure that disability access remain the primary driver of ADA lawsuits.

BOMA’s Ask: Support and co-sponsor H. R. 620, the ADA Education and Reform Act, introduces by Reps. Ted Poe and Scott Peters. This bipartisan legislation includes a notice and cure provision, which allows business owners 120 days to fix any ADA violations before having to pay legal fees. Plaintiffs retain all rights guaranteed to them under the ADA, but small businesses are protected from expensive demand letters.

UPDATE:   H.R. 620, ICSC-supported legislation also known as The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017, PASSED in the U.S. House on February 15 by a vote of 225-192.    

H.R. 620 proposes narrowly targeted reforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and was introduced earlier this year and had 108 cosponsors. The bipartisan legislation addresses an unintended consequence of ADA, which has resulted in a national surge in "drive-by lawsuits," by creating a pause in litigation to allow businesses the opportunity to correct alleged barriers to access.  The measure will move on to the Senate next. 



BOMA’s Position: BOMA supports increased federal, state, and local infrastructure investment as a critical component of a thriving commercial real estate industry. Robust investment in our nation’s roads, bridges, rail, transit and other infrastructure is vital to the economy, and connectivity strategies are crucial for the success of commercial real estate well as businesses and other entities which occupy the same space. Further, infrastructure planning and development should be expedited through all levels of permitting processes in a way that takes into account environmental safeguards and final product longevity.

BOMA’s Ask: Congress must significantly increase investment in our nation’s infrastructure and pursue new and updated funding mechanisms solely dedicated to infrastructure improvement that maintain safe, reliable and useable forms of transportation.

April 25th is our annual local legislative day and we will once again be calling on our local legislators to discuss our needs for commercial real estate. If you would like to participate please email the BOMA office at or contact Rebekah Blanton Legislative Committee Chair at