Public Announcements


Flying Horse Farm Annual Fundraiser a Huge Success!

Once again the generous members of BOMA Columbus came out for an afternoon of fun, team building and community spirit-there may have been some bowling too.  Ten Pin Alley was the place to be on Friday, February 10th as BOMA took over all 16 lanes and actually had to double up!  While everyone had a great time we also raised some serious money for our friends at Flying Horse Farms. 

Maureen Hayes created a new prize "The Wagon of Cheer" which is literally a wagon filled with donated beverages, mixers, coasters and glasses.  Most agreed it was enough of a selection to stock a bar for a very long time.  Raffle tickets were $10 each and netted a donation of $1000 in cash to Flying Horse Farms.  Don Wiggins of FHF was on hand to witness the generosity of BOMA yet again.  Jeff Price of TNT was the winner of the first "Wagon of Cheer" (certainly there will be more) and he was simply overwhelmed with his winnings!

Other winners were Patsy Glasgow, a new staff member at Continental Realty.  She won the 50/50 raffle and took home $242!  The other half was donated to Flying Horse Farms.

Bob Getz of Clean Master Commercial Services challenged everyone to match his donation up to $200.  Again everyone met the challenge and another $400 was donated to FHF. 

BOMA members also donated an enormous amount of laundry detergent, disinfectant wipes, TP and more.  Don had to once again call for a truck!

There were other winners too!  For high score Tony Fravell's team from OSU each won a $25 gift card.  For low score Emily Armitage and her team AXL each won a children's bowling set!  And last best themed prize for costumes went to Arlette Roper of Speer and her group - the Animals.  Team members donned a different realistic animal head and played plastic guitars!  What a crazy scene! And for this they each won a $25 gift card! 

We thank all of our sponsors and don't you dare miss this great event next year!