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ADA Related "Drive-By" Lawsuits Featured on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes Features Story on “Drive-By” ADA Lawsuits

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes featured a segment detailing the rising trend of lawsuits filed against businesses around the country relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Host Anderson Cooper takes umbrage with the lawyers who he sees having abused the ADA for their personal gain. The story shows how attorneys can file lawsuits simply driving by a business or using Google Earth to spot highly technical accessibility issues. The segment ends with a warning to viewers that “it may not be long before you start hearing about these kinds of lawsuits in a town or city near you.”

BAEs looking for additional information about this issue for members can reach out to Dylan Isenberg, BOMA’s advocacy team is fighting hard to pass federal legislation that protects commercial buildings from this harmful practice, but upholds the original intent of the ADA, which is to improve access for all Americans.