Emergency Preparedness

Committee Co-Chairs: Tish Weisenstein, St. Moritz and Tom Woodruff, Colliers

Emergency Preparedness focuses their work on the preparation and the response of members to natural and man made disasters in the Central Ohio Area.  Educational seminars as well as training for potential emergencies are available through the efforts of this committee.  The local chapter has received recognition from BOMA International for its efforts to create a database for all emergency service providers of all local commercial real estate management teams.   

Expo and Associate Council

Committee Chair: Dave Long, NAI Ohio Equities

The Expo Committee plans, organizes and conducts the annual trade show, which allows associate members a format in which to educate property manager members on business opportunities. Event tasks include:

  • Setting event program, time and location
  • Creating a budget illustrating positive cash flow
  • Promoting available show booths and an organized plan for booth layout
  • Advertising the event
  • Coordinating event details such as door prizes, food and volunteers to help with setup and registration
  • Writing thank you letters to participants
  • Advocating associate member participation and selling trade show booths
  • Coordinating with BOMA Columbus Administrative Executive (BAE) to carry out duties


The Expo Committee has been merged with the Associate Council.  The new committee facilitates communications between BOMA Columbus vendor and management members with respect to the services vendor members offer and the services management members require. The committee also develops programs whereby vendors and managers can work together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.  Overall, the newly combined committees encourage the use of BOMA member vendors by BOMA Professional members.


Committee Co-Chairs: Beth Hazel, Scioto Services and Josh Gilbert, Five Seasons Landscape Maintenance

The Golf Committee organizes, promotes and implements at least one annual golf outing. Event tasks include:

  • Establishing dates for events
  • Soliciting and securing a golf course to hold each event
  • Preparing a budget confirming positive cash flow
  • Promoting and acquiring sponsorships when applicable
  • Organizing presentation of awards
  • Coordinating event volunteers to help with setup, registration of guests, the distribution of raffle tickets, etc.
  • Coordinating the operation of each event with the BOMA Columbus Executive Director
Legislative and Government Affairs

Committee Chair:  Rebekah Blanton, Division 7 Roofing

The Legislative and Government Affairs Committees monitor, communicate and provide policy direction and advocacy on matters that affect the commercial real estate industry on the City, State and National level, such as regulatory initiatives. These Legislative Committees also work to develop and maintain relationships with Local, State and National Representatives in order to encourage and promote the goals of the Association. Committee members attend City Council Meetings, participate in the National Issues Conference (NIC) and the BOMA Columbus local Advocacy Day, as well as other proceedings affecting commercial real estate. 

Committee Chair:  Co-Chairs, Alex Gleim, gbrands Ltd and Lisa Davis, Acorn Distributors
The Marketing Committee plans, monitors and supervises the organizational marketing program to promote the awareness of the local organization and its objectives. In order to achieve these goals, the Marketing Committee coordinates with the Public Relations contractor to develop marketing plans, establish annual goals and a marketing budget for approval by the Board of Governors, and explore alternative opportunities with affiliated organizations. In addition the Marketing Committee assists other committees with the marketing of their programs such as helping the Professional Development Committee and the Networking and Community Affairs Committee.

Committee Chair is Sarah Powell, Schindler

The Membership Committee recruits new members and promotes active membership for the purpose of increasing BOMA's body of members and participation. The Membership Committee maintains a current "Potential Member Contact List," and consistent, but reasonable, communication with potential new members. In addition, the Membership Committee manages membership drives at the local and national level, provides coverage at the registration table for luncheons and events and makes follow-up telephone calls to individuals that have been sent information packets. After successfully increasing membership, the committee then coordinates quarterly New Member Orientation Breakfasts. These tasks require Membership Committee members to develop an understanding of the organization, it’s benefits and the membership fee structure to share with potential members. 

Networking and Community Affairs

Committee Chair: Maureen Hayes, TNT Services

The Networking and Community Affairs Committee plans, organizes and stages events which enhance the networking between members and support the local community through charitable activities. Networking events provide informal interaction between members primarily to promote business to business ties in a social environment. Charitable activities include both fundraising and self-help activities that promote the organization in its role as a member of the local community. In developing these events, committee tasks include:

  • Developing a program of social gatherings to provide a venue for business networking
  • Supporting the social activities of the Membership Committee
  • Recommending and coordinating up to two charitable, community activities per year
  • Establishing annual goals and objectives for approval by the Board of Governors


Professional Development

Committee Chair: Amber Motycka, Ohio Equities

The Professional Development Committee plans, organizes and conducts educational seminars and the RPA, SMA and FMA classroom programs throughout the year. The Professional Development Committee analyzes the needs of current RPA, SMA and FMA students to develop a 12-month course schedule. In developing the course, the committee arranges course materials, recruits instructors, books classroom locations and schedules test dates. In order to meet the requirements of the State of Ohio Real Estate Commission for license renewal, the Professional Development Committee plans at least one (1) short course, clinic or seminar so members have the opportunity to renew as necessary. In addition, the Professional Development Committee will complete the application and follow up requirements for continuing education credit when applicable. 

The Emergency Preparedness Committee has been merged with the Professiona Development Committee.  This committe identifies and disseminates information that will benefit members on emergency preparedness, building security and related issues. In addition, the committee provides guidance and standards for responding to building operation issues and communicates a constructive, positive image of commercial real estate as a place to do business.


TOBY Committee

Committee Chair: Jeff Commerford, Colliers and Jen Hastings, Grass Groomers

The TOBY committee solicits building entries for our local competition from BOMA Columbus members.  Property managers enter buildings that they believe embody the values and best practices of the industry.  The TOBY committee reviews and evaluates all building entries in a two-phase process, which consists of a building tour and management team interview. The Performance 360 program encourages property professionals to participate in the online assessment program, which evaluates properties in six major areas of building operations and management. Properties are evaluated in the following areas:

  • Building operations and management
  • Life safety/security/risk management
  • Training and education
  • Energy
  • Environment/sustainability
  • Tenant relations/community involvement

The TOBY Committee celebrates all the entries in a gala event typically held in December.  Local winners are announced and then encouraged to submit to their buildings to the regional competition the following March.  Winners in the regional competition go on to compete in the BOMA International competition in June.  BOMA Columbus has had several regional and international winners.