Dear BOMA Columbus Member,

Take control of your workers’ compensation savings!  Group rating is designed to allow employers of similar industries to “pool” their combined workers’ compensation experience and file with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) as one “BIG” group through approved sponsoring organizations - like BOMA Columbus and BOMA Ohio.

Now is your chance to apply for the group rating program administrated through CareWorksComp, Ohio’s largest TPA, which has generated savings for more than 48,000 Ohio employers.

CareWorksComp’s multi-tiered workers’ compensation group rating program can save members more money with a variety of savings levels.

Group rating members also receive companion cost control solutionsprovided by CareWorksComp including safety services and unemployment consultation.

There is no cost or obligation to apply, just go online to

and complete the form or contact Julia Bowling, 513.218.4062; [email protected] 

**Review the most current accountability letter here.

Apply today for the industry-leading CareWorksComp group rating program endorsed by BOMA Columbus and BOMA Ohio.

Other States Workers’ Compensation Requirements:

We get asked many questions about what to do if a business has employee(s) working in or going to other states for work. I have included some useful information about how each state views Ohio coverage. This is a guideline only, and specific coverage questions should be directed to the Ohio BWC, your legal counsel or insurance broker.

Buying or Selling?:

If you are planning to acquire another business, merge with another, or sell  all or part of an existing business, please let us know so we can assist with any necessary paperwork that should be filed with BWC, and perform any potential claim impact studies for you.


Incident/Accident Investigation: Has your company had a workers’ comp claim, and you have wondered what exactly happened? Once proper medical treatment is given to the injured worker, the next step should be to perform an investigation to find out the exact cause of the incident so you can prevent it from happening again. Our safety resource, RiskControl360°, has put together an incident checklist and statements for associates, supervisors and witnesses which should be completed as soon as possible after the incident occurs. I have included it here for your reference.

*Basic Steps:

  • Implement reporting procedure before another injury/accident occurs

  • Supply first aid and/or medical treatment when/if  one does

  • Gather facts

  • Identify cause(s)

  • Report findings

  • Take corrective action(s)

  • Evaluate effectiveness

If you would like assistance in creating a solid  accident investigation procedure, contact Julia Bowling: 513.218.4062
 [email protected]