BOMA Ohio - About and Bureau of Workers Compensation Program

BOMA Ohio is an organization of all six Ohio affiliated chapters.  They are BOMA Columbus, BOMA Toledo, BOMA Cleveland, BOMA Akron, BOMA Cincinnati and BOMA Dayton.  The organization meets quarterly with representatives from each BOMA.  The main purpose of the group is to assist our organizations on a state and local level with legislative issues affecting the commercial real estate industry.  An attorney is on retainer to represent BOMA and its interests. 

BOMA Ohio meets quarterly and is funded by a small portion of dues from each of the Federated BOMA groups listed above.  Currently Janine Roffe, J D Flaherty, Amie Washburn, Mark Reader and Karen Knies attend the meetings on behalf of BOMA Columbus.  Janine is the current Secretary Treasurer for the group.

BOMA Ohio has an affiliation with Care Works for Workers Compensation and a variety of other safety related events. Current offerings from Care Works are available by clicking the links below. They are updated as needed throughout the year.

BWC Safety Talks: 

BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene Training Center:

Ohio Safety Congress & Expo: